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The A.F.L - C.I.O, or trade unionism in the USA. 

In the social history of the Western world, the American case was especially brutal, there was, for example, between January 1902 and September 1904, time which is disturbed by no great strike: 198 dead and 2 000 wounded in various local strikes and lockoutů The history of the American trade unionism is old. Before even the declaration of independence (1776), the craftsmen gather in companies of mutual aid to avoid the disease or the death of the members. Very quickly, at the end of the 18th century, of the organizations of defense constitute themselves by trade (carpenters, printers or shoe-makers) in the most significant cities like Boston, New York or Philadelphia, in order to be opposed to the wage cuts that the employers impose to them. The techniques appear then which will become traditional trade unionism, the strike in particular. Very quickly, the answer of the employers will be to resort to the courts: the technique will become, it also, traditional. Since 1806, the trade unions are continued and condemned for conspiracy with an aim of limiting the trade, according to the English doctrines of the common law which estimated that any attempt of the workers to organize itself in order to obtain better wages constituted in fact a conspiracy against the public property.