The Employees must become Solidaires by using 
the Boycott against the unworthy companies ! 
How Changer gives it ? 
Interdependent Trade.

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Here the list of the companies which you must boycott, to ask you close to making the same thing and if you can it prevent, in their explaining why, other consumers to buy its marks. The reasons of the boycott are here: :
Interdependent Employees.
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TOTAL FINA ELF: Since 2005 the profits of this group range between 10 and 15 Billion Euros, however the victims of Erika is still not compensated, TOTAL makes last the procedure, its president current is suspected of having poured occult commissions to be able to exploit layer with the close East, Elf was implied in resounding scandals implying of the policies and including the personal enrichment of its leaders. Total we will not come any more on your premise and it is not by chance ! Alternative the other service stations (LP, Shell, Esso, Avia, Leclerc).


AUCHAN already equipped 40 with its 120 hypermarket in cases without cashier and about thirty will follow in 2007. The sign also envisages to try out this year a "scanner head" in 7 hypermarkets. Often not higher than the SMIC; the uses of cash clerk are often proposed part-time, rather badly paid and occupied to 80 % by women who represent the majority of the part-time employees, a hypermarket employs from 100 to 250 cashiers. For federation CFDT Services 4 300 employment of cashiers on 13 000 is threatened at Auchan. Its calculation rests on the fact that one needs only one person to supervise four automatic cases.

Moreover Auchan is very little looking on the composition of the products of its suppliers, since beautiful lurette Greenpeace suspects Auchan of not doing what is necessary for the level quality control of the product and especially for the level of the OGMD 

Alternatives : Walmart 

CARREFOUR : CARREFOUR equipped 22 hypermarkets with automatic cases on 218. (Attac and Champion are also in this group). CARREFOUR should be ensured of the good morality of its suppliers. We know suppliers who are present only at CROSSROADS and whose morality is more than doubtful. Legal procedures are in hand and Crossroads does not do anything. In this case CARREFOUR must be indicated as accessory because it is interdependent doubtful suppliers. Moreover if Airbus and Forgeard are of topicality anybody did not forget the general indignation started by the revelations on the amount of the termination payment (10 million euros) and of the "retirement hat" (29 million euros!) of Daniel Bernard, former president of CARREFOUR. (
Either on the whole 39 Million Euros!)

39 Million euros it is the wages of annual of 3782 cashiers full-time at CROSSROADS if Daniel Bernard has more capacity for work, intellectual ability, or human value, that 3782 brought together people it is Bouddha, Christ, Dalaï LAMA, the prophet, the pope and all religions and all people must it touch and prosterner in front of him, therefore it is absolutely necessary to put this saint man on the public place… Nevertheless to envisage some police officers with the case or 2 or 3 imbeciles would be of another opinion…

Alternatives : Walmart 

CASINO, GEANT CASINO : Even problem, Casino already equipped 49 Giant Casino and it tests "scanner heads" in 13 hypermarkets.
Alternatives : Walmart 

DANONE: Then Danone never we will not forgive this scandalous attitude towards small LU, who became these employees, where are and in which state ? There here the marks distributed by DANONE buy all the other marks except those: Danone, Danao drinks with the fruits, cheeses and the yoghourts Danone and Gervais, the mineral water Evian, the biscuits Lu, Wahaha, Aqua, Dannon and Stonyfield in the United States, Villa del Sur On in Argentina, Naya in Canada, Bolshevik in Russia, Opavia Czech  Republic, Danone Biscuits Malaysia (Milkuat, Biskuat), Frucor in Australia and New Zealand, Bonafont in Mexico, Robust in China, Fontvella in Spain.

MASTERFOOD. This company delocalizes and removes 450 stations in Loiret. The marks not to be consumed more are: Rice : Uncle Ben' s, Feedingstuffs : Pedigree, Sheba, Whiskas. Delicacies : Mars, Twix, Snickers, Dolmio, m & m's, Bounty, Malteser, Celebrations, Flyte, Galaxy, Lockets, Milky Ways, Skittles, Starbust, Tunes. 
Alternatives: other marks. 

MOËT HENNESSY DIAGEO (subsidiary of LVMH). MHD was unworthy towards its employees, the elected officials of the personnel which defended them and has corrompu the others to arrive for this purpose. A legal action is in hand and a seized judge. 
The marks not to be consumed more are; Champagne:
Moët and Chandon, Mercier, Veuve Clicquot, Cannard duchène , Domain Chandon in the USA and in Australia. Alternative (Vranken, Pommery, Mumm, Taitinger, Roederer, Marks of producer or cooperatives, creaming them of Alsace, clairette of Die, Saint Perray, Creaming of the Loire) 
Hennessy, Hine. Alternative: Martell (Pernod Ricard), Delamain, Courvoisier, Rémy Martin. 
Gordon's. Alternative: Tanqueray, Old Ladies. 
Whiskies :
Johnnie Walker and J and B, Cardhu and all the single malt Oban, Talisker… from Diagéo 
Alternative: Label 5, Campbell, William Peel, Aberlour Glenlivet… Vodka :
Smirnoff.  Aternative: Polack vodka Zubrowka and Wyborova. 
Baileys, Malibu, Pisang Ambon Alternative others… the green apple of Spain in cocktail (Manzana verde) Marie Brizard, Get 21 or 27

Caution ! the alcohol Abuse is dangerous for health! As for the Tobacco, parents supervise your children on this subject and keep well with the spirit which alcohol kills more quickly than the tobacco because of the road accidents…

The appellation contrôlée BORDEAUX and the wines sold by the Traders Of Bordeaux, look with the back of the labels and rest on the racks all that carries number N 33 on the green capsule vacation to the top of the Stopper.

An Bordelais trader unworthy tried to
delocalize the commercial one, marketing and the multi-media one abroad via one of his suppliers without paying the least commission nor one euros of social contributions. All that it proposed they are thanks by email or of the counterpart in cash or bottles (SIC). The CIVB (interprofessional committee of the Wines of Bordeaux is informed and does not move for the moment). If nobody said anything others could be tempted to make the same thing. Alternative: Other French AOC in priority, wines of the Sud Ouest, of Languedoc, of the Loire and Anjou, Corsica, Provence or the wines foreign Spain, Italy, Portugal…

The Appellation PORTO. The intermediary of the first. Informed the IVP (Wine Institute of porto) states not to want to mix with the private businesses (thus refuses to do the housework in name.) Pineau alternative of Charente Rosy or White, Floc de Gascogne, Byrrh, Cinzano, Malaga, all the wines transferred, the muscatels of Lunel, Beaune of Venice.... Or sweet wines or liqueur-like, late grape harvest of Alsace, Marrowy Jurançon…

PSA - PEUGEOT CITROEN : Peugeot Citroen could announce after presidential plan of reorganization envisaging 10.000 suppressions of employment. The advertisement would have been differed at the request of the government, It acts of a plan of reorganization envisaging 10.000 suppressions of employment in France and Europe, in the group and in his subcontractors. Several hundreds of paid factory PSA of Aulnay started a strike for a rise of the wages of 300 euros, the departure with the retirement of 600 paid of more than 55 years to allow the recruiting of young people and for the fall of the workload. The strikers wanted to rejoin with their movement the employees of the other factories of the group. The direction signed an agreement with minority trade unions minimized the movement and at the end of 3 weeks the employees did not obtain anything. Moreover the Court of Bobigny Monday March 26 company PSA Peugeot-Citroen for the illegal recruiting of 50 temporary condemned since the beginning of the strike with the Aulnay-under-Wood factory (Seine-Saint-Denis) and subjected the company to a fine of 5.000 euros per noted infringement. Seized in summary procedure by four trade unions of factory (CGT, Sud, UNSA, CFDT) and trade union CGT of the company of Manpower interim, the Court of Bankruptcy orders to PSA to withdraw these employees in precarious contract of the currently occupied stations. The court also prohibited with the automobile factory to proceed to new recruitings of temporary staff (or in contract at given duration) for "any reason other than the replacement of paid not strikers absent", until the exit of the conflict started on February 28. We kept in memory the antiquated and anti practices trade-union of Mr. Calvet. And that continues.... Thus: No gift with Peugeot !

Do not buy any more this mark in fact the other marks miss if you roll in Peugeot resell your vehicle of occasion quickly before this one does not become unsaleable. 
The second-hand market Peugeot must quickly be saturated…

Laboratory ABBOTT announced that it refused to place at the disposal of the patients of the AIDS in Thailand an essential drug in reprisals against the decision of the government thaïlandais of raising the monopoly whose Abbott enjoyed on the sales this drug. Act Up-Paris denounces the Abbott laboratory, which does not hesitate to take as an hostage patients of the AIDS and deliberately to deprive them of a vital drug, and this, with an only aim of earning even more money…

AUBADE. Lesson N° 72: To lay off and delocalize. October 4, 2006, the manufacturer of Aubade linen room announces his project to close a workshop of assembly in Vienna, removing 180 employment, to transfer this activity in Tunisia where the mark assembles already 70 % of its production. Alternative: As long as the Fabric mention in France or in your country does not appear on packing do not buy any mark.

ARENA. Olympic Laure Manaudou championne and of the world carries high the colors of this mark in the nautical basins of the whole world. Arena, sponsor of nageuse, communicate then on the results of this nageuse exceptional and its sales turnover goes from there well. However this company with delocalized its production towards China and removed de facto 169 uses of textile workers on her site of Libourne  France. (33). It is necessary that ARENA envisages a budget to build swimming pools in China bus of other marks still manufacture in France… Alternative: As long as the Fabric mention in France or in your country does not appear on packing do not buy any mark.

Principal violations of the Human rights and bleaching of the money of the crime: (Year and name of the company) :

Principal violations of the law the labour: (Year, company and Number of convention) :

2003 Société Générale
American Express Co.
Bank Leumi le-Israel
Banque Saradar sal
Banque Populaire
Barclays Plc
National Bank of Pakistan
Société Générale
Société Marseillaise de Crédit
LCL Le Crédit Lyonnais
Société Générale
1996 Citigroup Inc.
2006 Aldi Group 1
IBM (International Business Machines) 100
United Technologies Corp. 87, 98
Arcadia Group plc 1
Brice 1
Devred SA 1
Michelin 87 98
Redoute Groupe 1
Usinor SA 1

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