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As Gandhi inseparably meet the religious prophet and the national liberator, the mystic and the policy, the ascetic and the leader of crowd. He said itself : " I am a practical idealist ". 

Its life is " experiment of the truth ", according to the title which it gave to its autobiography. God, justice and truth are identified, but according to a properly Hindu organization. For him " God is truth " what leads it to another more fundamental intuition " the truth is God ". 
The first intuition exilela truth ad infinitum, the second brings back God on the ways of all the days like the crowned and daily water of Gange. That which practises truth or the Juste at the same time divinise, and reciprocally that which wants diviniser, faithful to the Hindu philosophy for which " God alone is, nothing other exists ", must follow in its action the veins of justice or the truth.