Effort of empathy and authenticity.

Effort of empathy

One calls empathy the act by which a subject leaves itself to include/understand someone else without testing for as much the same emotions as the other. It is thus a kind of cold sympathy, the capacity to put itself at the place of the other while keeping its coolness and the possibility of being objective.

The personal, professional or psychological universe of the subject with its singular significances, sometimes strange, represents the context lived by report/ratio at which is located and its particular problem is included/understood. It is thus a question of being immersed in the universe of the person and of understanding it while remaining lucid and while preserving, compared to the situation of the subject or what it occurs during maintenance, a freedom, guarantor of objectivity and effectiveness of the assistance that we can get to him. 

This is why, as we saw, the speaker must itself be released from his subjective tendencies likely to become factors of personal distortion of what it listens to, or to imply it too directly in the situation. 

           The authenticity

 The authenticity is required and by there the arguments of handling, the fear of the mask or the fear break down which the subject does not react to a strange process. As and the effort of comprehension of improved is purified what the other says, effort vigilant, without any second of distraction, difficult and completely centered on the person, the fears disappear and the method itself becomes a permanent help to ensure itself of comprehension. 

It is thus in the authenticity of the effort of comprehension that resides the moral value and the professional value of the speaker at the research of the problem and the satisfaction of the person. If it is not sincerely worried to understand, if it does not wonder sincerely if he understood well, and that at each time of maintenance, then the method is not any more that one receipt and the subject realizes very quickly that it is played and not listened, that it is not regarded as a human person and that the assistance suggested is a lure. Maintenance is denatured, disfigured, and the speaker is saying to listening is disqualified. 

The logical conclusion of the review criticizes that we have just carried out is that the ideal would be to determine a manner of intervening which induces an expression increasingly more complete on behalf of the person and a formulation increasingly more explicit. 

It is a question of specifying a technique which, centered on lived and the personality of the subject, on the respect of this one, facilitates the communication, pushes or draws the expression from the person towards her spontaneous completion while increasing the correlative comprehension on behalf of the speaker. 


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