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To protect itself from the liberal system and to stop its aberrations 
the Employees must become Interdependent 
by using the Boycott against the unworthy companies !


The Boycott against the unworthy companies. How Changer gives it ? Interdependent Trade.

Altermondialism :
Why another world is desirable… 
The rich person must live more simply so that the poor can simply live… 
Mahatma Gandhi

Against a war in Irak ! (Virtual card in Flash)

Against the war in Irak. Citations arts persons against the war in general, 
the site not in our names.

How to ask and obtain an increase.

How to prepare a Negotiation…

Life of Pasteur Martin Luther king.

Gandhi. He said itself : " I am a practical idealist ".

Ernesto Guerava : El " Ché ".


Dolores Ibarruri Gomez : " The Pasionaria ".

The A.F.L - C.I.O, or trade unionism in the USA.

The maintenance of assistance: Learn how to help the others…