As soon as one judges a war criminal, one puts an armoured pane, in my opinion, one would have better done to put it the pane… around the victims… 
Jean-Marie Gourio. 
Extract the Short ones of counter - 1996.

It is regrettable for the education of the youth which the memories on the war are always written by people that the war did not kill. 
Louis Scutenaire. 
Belgian writer. 
Extract of My inscriptions.

The war, they is people who fight and who do not know each other, for people who know each other, but do not fight. 

The ministry for Finances should be called ministry for Misery since the ministry for the War is not called ministry for Peace. 
Jacques Prévert. 
Extract of Stories.

To be useful itself of the war against a revolt is a process as swine and as length as to eat its soup with a knife. 
Thomas Edward Lawrence. 
English orientalist.

Thanks to the technology of the weapons and transport, the XXème century discovered a cruelty that neither Antiquity nor the Middle Ages had known, the war against the children. 
Boris Cyrulnik. 
Neurologist, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst French. 
Extract of an interview with Antoine Spire - the World of education - May 2001.

It is as useful to people to fear the war as with an individual, death. 
Jules Renard. 
Extract of its Newspaper.

At the bottom of any patriotism, there is the war: for this reason I am not patriotic. 
Jules Renard.  
Extract of its Newspaper.

If the reason controlled the men, if it had on the heads of the nations the empire which is owe him, one would not see them being delivered inconsiderately to the furies of the war. 
Denis Diderot. 
Extract of the Encyclopaedia.

All the evils which the war claims to cure are less terrible than the war itself. 
Victor Marguerite.

As long as the war will be looked like harmful, it will keep its fascination. When one looks it like vulgar, its popularity will cease. 
Wilde Oscar. 
Extracted from Intentions.

Two joined hands make more work, on the ground, Than all the bearing of the machines of war. 
Victor Hugo. 
Extract of the legend of the centuries.

Racism, the lack of tolerance hidden under the arrogance, the wars and their consequences, mark the history of our countries. 
Günther Grass. 
German writer.

I do not know anything more dreadful than the competitive spirit: it is the source of violences and the wars since the caves. 
Patrick Rambaud. 
Extract of an interview in Libération - October 14, 2000

The agreement of malicious for the war is easier than is to it their agreement in peace. 
Roman historian.

The first panacea for a badly directed nation is monetary inflation, the second is the war. Both bring temporary prosperity and indelible destruction. Both are the refuge of opportunist economic and political. Ernest Hemingway 
Extracted from Notes on the war - September 1935

Less hatred, 
less war 
Less tears and less blood 
Less hope to be powerful 
Less capacity and less money 
And more feelings. Michel Berger.
Extract of the song: More feelings.

One always finds money to make the war, never to live in peace. 
Albert Brie. 
Canadian sociologist.

The war is the suffering of humble, the entertainment of the powerful ones. 
Robert Vincente.

That which does not like peace cannot fight the war. 
Proverb magyar.

If people did not misuse to be able to them, there would be no war, of crime, forced child… and his secretary so badly would not be treated. 
Patricia Cornwell. 
Extract of an interview in Lire (Reading) - Mars 1998.

Who preaches the war is the chaplain of the devil. 
English proverb.

The arrived war, the devil increases its hell. 
Spanish proverb.

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                       Even the Americans protest against the military and integrist drift of their government…

More than 15 000 citizens of the USA signed a call to resistance vis-a-vis the military and integrist drift of their government. This call gathers very many personalities coming from political scenes and extremely various social groups. Since the war of Vietnam, the United States had not seen the emergence of such a movement of dispute interns…

That it is never known as that the United States did not do anything when their government declared a war unbounded and legatee of measurements of repression Draconian.

The signatories of this proclamation invite the citizens of the United States to resist these new measurements and the overall policy followed since September 11, 2001. Those represent serious dangers to all the citizens of the whole world.

We believe firmly that the people and the nations have the right to determine their own destiny, safe from the military coercion exerted by the great powers. We believe that any person held or passed in judgement by the government of the United States is entitled to the same legal procedure. We believe that the handing-over in question, criticism, and the dissension are significant legitimate rights which must be protected. We are conscious owing to the fact that these rights are always disputed and must be maintained, was this at the price of the fight.

We believe that the men and women of conscience must assume the responsibility for what their respective governments do. We must first of all oppose to us to the injustices made on our behalf. This is why we invite all the Americans to resist the war and repression unchained against the world by the administration of Mr. Bush. They are unjust, immoral and illegitimate. We chose to make common cause with the citizens of the world.

We also were shocked by the terrible events of September 11, 2001. We also deplored the death of thousands of innocent and looked with horror and incomprehension the scenes of carnages - all while pointing out other scenes similar in Baghdad to us, in Panama, and, a generation earlier, in Vietnam. As million Americans in the anguish, we also wondered how such a thing had been able to occur.

However, mourning had hardly started that the leaders of the countries highest placed unchained already the spirit of revenge. They returned public a simplistic message opposing "the good" and "the evil" that media obliging and intimidated propagated. They said to us that to wonder why such terrible events had occurred brought closer treason dangerously. There was no debate. There was by definition neither moral question, nor political question. The only possible answer was to be the war out of the borders and repression inside.

On our behalf, the administration of Mr. bush, extremely of the quasi unanimity of the American Congress, attacked not only Afghanistan but also assumed the right, like with its allies, to impose the military force in any place and constantly. The brutal repercussions were felt some the Philippines in Palestine, where the tanks and the bulldozers left a terrible wake of died and destruction. The government now prepares to carry out an all-out war against Iraq, country which does not have a bond with the horrors of September 11, 2001. Which kind of world will occur if the government of the United States has white chart to send commandos, assassins and bombs where that he wants it?

On our behalf, in the United States, the government created two classes of citizens: those with which one makes the promise of essential rights and those who seem from now on not to have any right. The government challenged more than one thousand of immigrants and held with the secrecy indefinitely. Hundreds of them were off-set and of the hundreds of others always languish themselves in prison. This situation points out clearly the concentration camps built during the Second World war for the Japanese-Americans. For the first time for several decades, the procedures of immigration have put certain nationalities at the index to make them undergo an inequitable treatment.

On our behalf, the government makes weigh on our company a veil of repression. The spokesman of the President warns people "to pay attention so that they say". Dissenting artists, intellectuals and professors see their deformed opinions, attacked and censured. So-called "Patriot Act", like a whole batch of measures similar taken to the level of the State, grants to the police force vast capacities of excavation and seizure under the theoretical control of secret procedures carried out in secret courts.

On our behalf, the executive power systematically usurped the roles and functions of the other branches of the government. 
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