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December 1, 1955, in Montgomery (Alabama), in a bus of the city, Rosa Park, a dressmaker of color refuses to yield her place to a white passenger. She is driven out without care of the part before bus, prohibited with the blacks. A boycott movement of the municipal buses engages, on the initiative of a Pasteur young person of the parish baptist of Dexter Avenue : Martin Luther King. It lasts three hundred and four twenty days, before the company of transport, at the edge of the bankruptcy, doesnot yield. One year earlier, the racial segregation in the schools had been considered to be anticonstitutional by the supreme Court. In Little Rock'n'roll (Arkansas), Blacks children had to make their re-entry under the hootings in a college up to that point reserved for the White. 

The businesses of discrimination were treated in front of the courts, but, in Montgomery, Pasteur King understand with the Blacks the power of the weapon of the boycotting.In 1929 - the year even of the birth of King in Atlanta (Georgie), Mahatma Gandhi declares that the 12 million American Blacks should not have shame to be the grandchildren of the slaves. 

" It is not dishonouring to be slave. It is dishonouring to have slaves " add it.