To protect itself from the liberal system and to stop its aberrations the Employees must become Interdependent by using the Boycott against the unworthy companies !

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December 1, 1955, in Montgomery (Alabama), in a bus of the city, Rosa Park, a dressmaker of color refuses to yield her place to a white passenger. She is driven out without care of the part before bus, prohibited with the blacks. 
A boycott campaign of the municipal buses engages, on the initiative of a Pasteur young person of the parish baptist of Dexter Avenue : Martin Luther King. It lasts 380 days before the company of transport, at the edge of the bankruptcy, does not yield.

This boycott makes it possible to change the racist laws and modifies cruel reality for the women and the coloured men 
in the United States.

Never again none company of transport will dare to prohibit anything with the coloured persons.

One can bring back to 2 essential topics the action of Mahatma Gandhi: the fight against the social injustices and that against the British empire. 
All its life, Gandhi remains attached to the khadi (cotton fabric). 
It works towards a double end : to strike Great Britain in its foreign trade and to promote the manufacture and the sale of the products of the local arts and crafts. 
This objective had multiple advantages: improvement of the rural standard of living, the creation of a solidarity between cities and campaigns, (townsmen being exhortés to buy fabric khadi), the revalorization of manual work.

For Gandhi the truth is the end, non-violence is the means.

Its method of nonco-operation with the Britannique empire includes/understands, if necessary, a more or less systematic boycott. 
It decides to launch a movement of civil disobedience, the movement of " not co-operation in non-violence " adopted in September 1920. 
It implies not only the refusal of the elections but also that of the teaching of English the boycott of the British textile products as well as nonthe payment of the taxes. 
With the elections of 1920 the participation does not reach 30%, it goes down even to 6% in the town of Bombay. Nonthe co-operation must be maintained in theory until the British grant autonomy then independence. The movement develops in India of north. But it becomes such extensive that the threatened British feeling, react with strength. In December 1921, 20 000 to 30 000 frameworks of the Indian national Congress are arrested and imprisoned with heavy sorrows. 
The party of Gandhi becomes a party of mass…

But with final English who laughed under cape while seeing unloading naked foot on the airport of London an old man skinny fellow equipped simply with a white loincloth in fabric khadi ended well up leaving India.... 
And Gandhi never used violence for that! Better when there were revolts and Gandhi violence fasted and threatened to let itself die to put an end to violence....

At the moment when the slave decides that he will not be any more slave, its chains fall.

What you do can not seem significant, but it is significant that you do it.

There is enough of all in the world to satisfy the needs for the man, but not enough to appease its greed.

The true democrat is that which, by means not violent one, defends his freedom, consequently that of his country and, finally that of very whole humanity.

It is not because nobody speaks about it that the truth becomes lie.

The Western employees must understand that no bludgeon of policy is likely to strike them if they choose to consume another thing that Danon or Nike… 
It is painless and moreover that can be terribly effective.

To put an end to the delocalizations the suppressions of employment, the massive precarisation of paid it is not used any more for nothing to block the production equipment. 
How please put an end to itself the production and to put in strike Chinese employees ? 
That an Western trade unionist dares to put the foot in China, it will go immediately to  prison since Chinese trade unionists who wanted to found trade unions not approved by the state there are already and especially that nobody forgets that it death penalty was never abolished in China where the executions take place in silence. 
In any event a visa for China for a Trade unionist is impossible.

The only weapon which it remains with the employees, and for a long time we know it, remains its purchasing power, it should be used quickly before this weapon is not withdrawn to us.

If the employees massively refuse to consume the products of the unworthy companies this one will be touched in full heart, is they will have to change is to die or repurchased by somebody who will comply with the morals rules.

Even if your employment is not directly threatened, that of your children, people that you know and to whom you are attached will be it early or late. 
Without money, excluded from the system people are nothing any more, he die slowly or too sometimes unfortunately much quickly.

This is contrary with your values, which you do not wish for yourself you do not have any reason to let it achieve itself for somebody of your family, your friends or your neighbor, if these infamies which are not even logical are not stopped the liberal system will break down on itself.

Nobody can protect you from the laws from the market neither the policies nor the traditional trade unionism such as it is organized. The consuming employee must protect itself and it is very easy.

In the same way no company is protected from the laws from the market, a company whose shares of markets are broken down by lucid consumers is not more viable. Certain companies already Boycott as Danon in France will never say what they have of pouring with the great distribution so that their products remain on the linear ones but the sums are astronomical and incomprehensible for the consumers. Moreover the great distribution on this level can terribly benefit on the level from the negotiation purchase of this type of situation.

To the moment or certain stores as CARREFOUR or AUCHAN judged themselves unworthy to want to eliminate from paid already precarious do not undergo the effects of the boycott. 
What enriched them yesterday can in the same manner of impoverishing them today.

It is enough to take a little retreat to understand.

The liberal system is in the train to reduce its costs to massively delocalize all that there can to remain most competitive possible. But being made it précarise its own consumers (and those have interest with quickly understanding it).

It acts as a snake which devours itself while starting with the tail. 
When it will arrive at the stomach the problems of digestion will start. 
We may find it beneficial to now start to give sournesses to the snake so that it thinks well so that it is making.

Let us take a simple example. Nike delocalizes in Malaysia for reasons of cost the manufacture of under shoes of sport.
If the Western consumers cease buying this mark (80 % of its market) and defer their purchases towards a mark which does not delocalize, the play is finished for Nike. Nike does not have any more a market, more consumer and will die or to be repurchased unless Nike does not sell in Malaysia but at this time there he will be necessary to increase the Malaysian wages and to invent urgently something to give desire to Malaysian for running !

The million euros spent in publicity and marketing in Occident are definitively lost. 
If the new religion of the employees becomes the Boycott of the companies unworthy in the place of the illusion of marketing and publicity liberalism will be constrained to convert quickly.

Liberalism is making manufacture its products in countries where it does not have a market. 
If it loses the other markets because the employees become lucid, it is finished !

Liberalism does not have the sufficient cultural retreat to even understand what Asia currently does.

However of many examples show that the danger is quite real, of many companies delocalized in Asia and at the end of 6 months returned to manufacture in Europe. 
Their market was flooded perfect counterfeits at prices 10 times less low than theirs....

China and what one calls in economy the emerging countries of Asia (famous tigers or Asian dragons) are between train acquiring a technological knowledge and marketing which until now was not accessible for them. 
The day or to know itself tightened sufficient it will put an end to the current play and to begin another play based on their own rules.

If the public opinion can doubt the cultural level of its countries because their culture is completely different from our that does not mean that these countries are uncultivated… 
That nobody forgets that in Asia a 8 year old child has the level one to play of failure amateur confirmed in Occident. 
The play or even more the share of the plays which we know was invented in India or Asia.

It is illusory to think that China or Burma for example is democracies. It is not the case and it is even exactly the opposite. 
While going to manufacture there low by greed liberalism is exposed to 2 things :

Massive Nationalizations: 
The Day or a Chinese  government (if one can call it thus, the dictatorship term would be indicated better) will decide than the technological knowledge of the country is sufficient and than its financial power can enable him to massively flood the world market, whatever this market, 
it will entirely nationalize the production equipment. 
If somebody thinks the opposite it is that he does not know the Chinese culture.

Some Chinese proverbs to meditate :

The more distant the feelings are, the more the courtesies are numerous… 
Who makes the ass should not be astonished if the others go up to him above.... 
You do not put ahead, but do not remain behind ! 
If you do not want that it is known, better is still worth not to do it… 
Who was bitten by a snake avoids tall grasses. 
The frightening dragon does not carry it on the snake coiled in grass. 
If piercing is the sight, one never sees back.

No multinational, no country Western can prevent that and nobody will declare the war in China, country more populated planet and major nuclear power. China is not Iraq. 
Moreover the American companies carefully avoid China, it has only the European companies there to have unconsciousness to go to manufacture there low...

The systematic Counterfeit : The companies of luxury (because the margins are very significant) start to understand the extent of the problem while at the same time they do not make manufacture in China. 
In fact they communicate on their legal actions towards some wholesalers and Chinese companies but makes these companies of them know that this problem cannot be solved. 
On this problem the Chinese government does not say anything, it is keep silent, it does not prevent the companies from intervening but it does not help them either.

But we suspect well that between the profits of the international companies and the economic power of China its choice is made since good a long time. The trap is open those which will be engulfed there while singing go quickly déchanter during its closing…

The country is too much large, its too significant population, the laws and the Chinese culture have nothing to do with the occident and especially you can intervene in China only with the assistance a Chinese intermediary…

Would be needed that the Chinese right is taught in all faculties, the Mandarin should be an obligatory language in right in economy and in marketing and especially it is necessary that the companies prepare to pay colossal sums with véreux intermediaries (which sometimes do not do anything…) what Western right prohibited formally.

With term what the companies do which delocalize towards Asia is suicidal. 
Asia will say when will come the moment and its companies leave while having lost their market, their knowledge to make technological and their financial means in interminable procedures legal and with final impossible.

The employees of this country and the employees Western must understand that the only power that it them remainder is in their door currency. 
Consequently they will adhere to the idea interdependent trade and will cease consuming the products of the companies which endanger their employment.

The black List of the employees interdependent is the list of the company of which one should not any more consume the products and this as long as these companies remain on their unworthy positions.

This list is on the page :
Interdependent Trade.

This Website is translated into French, this page and that of the Interdependent Trade also,
we ask for a world boycott of the employees. 
We ask the trade unionists or with paid to indicate to us who are the unworthy companies and which are their claims. 
Will check information and we will add companies to the list.

Will also remove some if the companies change opinion and adopt a behavior human, in conformity with the humans right and the various fair labor standards acts.

Free Warriors, May, 01, 2007.

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